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Industry Applications

Automotive Components
Automotive Industrial Finishing Services
Precision Finishing for Automotive Components

The automotive industry is challenged to not only continually increase the quality of vehicle components, but also lower costs.

Medical Industry
Precision Finishing for the Most Demanding Applications

The medical industry...

Precision Finishing for Electronics
Precision Finishing for Electronic Components

The electronics industry is challenged to increase the performance of its devices while steadily lowering their cost. Engineers meet this challenge through constant innovation.

Finishing for Fluid Control Devices
Fluid Control Devices
Precision Finishing for Pumps, Valves, Faucets, and Nozzles

All fluid control devices have one thing in common - high precision components.

Metal Stamping & Machining
Metal Stamping and Machining
Precision Finishing for Stamped and Machined Components

Metal stampers and machining shops have specialized expertise and equipment to form parts, but often need a reliable source for high quality metal finishing.

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