High precision parts must not only meet exacting tolerances for flatness, parallelism, and surface finish but must also have “clean edges.” This is especially critical because most finishing processes, including grinding and fine grinding / flat honing leave parts with a small metal overhang called a “burr”. Also, consistent and enhanced surface finishes may be required.

In order to meet a “zero burr” specification, parts must go through a precise deburring process. This requires specialized equipment that can not only remove burrs from the outer edges of parts but also the inner edges of holes in the parts. In addition, the parts must also be formed with a specific edge shape, or “edge break”. These shapes can include either a rounded “radius edge” and an angled “beveled edge.”


Lap Tech Industries has a range of deburring equipment and years of expertise needed to deliver “zero burr” parts in all shapes, sizes, and materials.

Planetary brush deburring uses abrasive brushes, coupled with advanced machine controls, to not only remove burrs but also to carefully shape edges to customers’ exact tolerances.

Lap Tech Industries also offers Roto-Finish deburring, a process in which parts are tumbled with abrasive media. This is frequently used for parts made from non-magnetic materials which cannot be processed in standard brush deburring equipment.