Fluid Control Devices

Fluid control devices are an important part of modern life. Pumps, valves, faucets, and nozzles are found in many consumer products such as automobiles, appliances, and plumbing devices. Fluid control devices are also found in many industries, especially process industries such as chemical production and petroleum refining.

Regardless of the application, however, all fluid control devices have one thing in common: high precision components. Metal, ceramic, and plastic components such as washers, gaskets, nozzles, and seals must meet stringent specifications for flatness, parallelism, and surface finish in order to provide long-term, leak-free performance.

Lap Tech Industries offers a range of cost-effective precision finishing solutions, including double disk grinding fine grinding / flat honing, conventional lapping, and polishing, which are ideal for all types of fluid control components.

We work closely with our customers to understand the exact component requirements. Our team of engineers and production specialists apply their decades of experience to develop a detailed process flow that achieves the technical requirements at the lowest possible cost.